• Premium
    • Get premium videos created for your site content in no time.
    • Relevant videos that are in sync with editorial content
    • Real, human-made narratives and voice overs for videos.
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    • Access third-party videos and use our solution to distribute and monetize them.
    • Embed real-time relevant content into your articles and across your sites.
    • Videos are monetized with brand-safe video ads across the globe.
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  • Platform
    • Easily manage your storytelling journey with our intuitive platform.
    • Our DIY easy to use tools make it easy for video content mangement & distribution.
    • Take control of your content engagement and monetization across devices.
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  • Easy, tag-based integration and native to your content.

  • Immersive viewing experience with robust discoverability and multi-channel browsing.

  • Ultra-performant, lightweight player optimized for desktop and mobile.

  • Fully scalable and future ready for Inventory.

  • Boost Audience Engagement with high-precision.

  • High performance global monetization, adding to your own direct sales.

How it Works
  • Scans and Analyzes Your Website

  • Plugs Highly Relevant Videos Across Articles.

  • m

    Heightens User Engagement with Content.

  • Builds increased revenue stream and audience loyalty.

VidTent’s smart scanner browses through every story published across your site, to generate content that is native to your editorial needs.
Videos curated and plugged into your sites pages with high-precision content matching. Premium video content tailor-made to your stories.
With a 300,000+ video library, VidTent showcases content to your audiences that is always fresh and trending. Heighten your audience engagement at zero investment.
Offering a fully-scalable, future-ready inventory and high-performance monetization platform that generates additional revenue streams and helps you gain audience loyalty.
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About Us

Our goal is to deliver enhanced video experiences for users
by uniting Publishers, Content Creators and Brands.

With our powerful, proprietary platform, publishers are able to deliver and monetize premium video, gives creators the global arena to distribute souped-up content, and connects advertisers to qualified, engaged audiences.

VidTent is a venture by Sonic Twist Media Publishing LLC that redefines the art of storytelling with a strong value proposition to solve video creation, distribution, and monetization need gaps for Publishers, Content Creators & Advertisers.

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